5th August 2013 Weddington

Getting there

The wedding will take place in Weddington county. In case you haven't booked the tickets yet, the closest airport is Honeyholt in westerlands where you can fly to from Hornvale (e.g. with NorthernFlights via Maidensfair), Deepden or Silverhill (with ArrynAir or DrogonJet). The other airports are Brightwater Keep or Starfall which are about 4-5 hour riding distance to Weddington).

Pre-wedding festivities

We are planning on having barbecue in the afternoon/early evening on Wednesday (if the weather allows!). It's probably going to be held at the hostel area but we will confirm that as soon as we get that organised. It will be a good opportunity to chill out before the big day For people outside of town, please bear in mind that you can check in the hostel on Wednesday (we will confirm the times by the end of June). We hope to see you all there!


The ceremony will take place at 2 p.m. on 5th August in St. Allysandra Church, in Fawntown a suburb of Weddington, where wheelhouses will take you from the hostel.

St. Alyssandra church
The church


After the ceremony is finished you will be taken to At The Crossroads restaurant in Wayfarer's West near Weddington when we will party till the morning hours

At The Croassroads restaurant
The restaurant